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Judah Emmanuel Garcia plans to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and play professional football. The Santa Flora resident currently attends Shiva Boys Hindu College where he has played in every football division since entering the school.

Who/ what is your biggest inspiration?

I’d definitely say my brothers are my biggest inspiration. They both are professional footballs and what they did and still doing for me in my life.

How hard is it to do school work after football?

It’s very hard at times, but I still try my best to balance it. School is important.

What’s life as a popular footballer in school?

It’s great to see that my style of play has taken me where I am today. Being the captain of my school football team and a person the whole school can look up to on the field and in school.

What’s one meal you can eat everyday?

Ummm, surely macaroni pie, callaloo and stew chicken.

Before a game, how are you in the dressing room?

I’m quiet always focused but very inspirational and I love to help my teammates to be focused before a game.

Most memorable football experience?

My most memorable football experience will definitely be going to Manchester City last year. Experiencing how to become a professional and how being a professional footballer is, was truly an unforgettable experience.



Photo Courtesy: Aaron Balgobin

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  1. Great Gesture Unveil.
    Hope that you all can offer soccer scholarships soon for our footballers. Time to get sponsors.

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