Unveil X- Brandon Semper

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Brandon Joshua Semper, resides in La Canoa Road, Lower Santa Cruz and currently attends San Juan North Secondary. “Sprite” as he’s often referred to has aspirations of attaining a professional contract in the near future. He has played football for his school for the past six years with his prized medal being that of the National Intercol Title.

Who/ What is your biggest inspiration?

I’d have to say, my family, of course my mom the most and my deceased aunt and uncle.

How do you balance football and school work?

Uhmm I balance it very well, it is difficult at times especially after a training session or a hard game. However, even if I’m tired I stay up late to finish my work.

How does it feel to be the league top scorer currently?

Haha I’ve never seen myself being the league top scorer because I’m not even a natural forward, my original is Left Back but it’s still a good feeling you know and I’m trying to keep it up and stay on top.

What’s your favorite meal and why?

My favorite meal would have to be lentil peas & rice and because I’ve loved it from ever since I was small growing up.

Run us through a day in the Life of Brandon, on Game Day:

On game day, I’m always dancing & listening to hype music. It never works for me to be serious before a game so I’m always laughing & having my other teammates on the same page as I am. Being relaxed is good for Game Day .Also I pray a lot during the day, every second I get in my head, I pray.

Which Local/International player do you look up to and why?

Aubrey David is my local role model because he’s a very humble person. I also like the way he plays, he never panics on the ball and he’s always positive you know, always putting Jesus first. My International player would be Faouzi Ghoulam, he currently plays for Napoli. I find we play alike. He’s very quick on the ball, he can attack & defend plus his crosses ¬†are always on point; he’s one of the best left backs in the world.

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