Queen’s Royal College versus St Mary’s College – The Big Rivalry

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It’s been an argument for quite some time, where does the biggest rivalry reside? Is it in South? Is it in North? Which zone has the most competitive teams on and off the field. In recent times, it seems that South Trinidad has captured the title for the biggest rivalry. Presentation College versus Naparima College have continued to be a football match built with pride & rivalry. Let’s see if St Mary’s College versus Queen’s Royal College can withstand the pressure.


Due to its great historical and cultural significance, the QRC/CIC rivalry stems as far back as 1908 in the then Northern Intercol. It is considered the biggest and oldest rivalry in Trinidad and Tobago and there’s no better feeling than winning a match against your rivals. Any CIC player/supporter or QRC player/supporter can attest to this.


If you haven’t seen either team play thus far, be sure to look out for these players. Unfortunately, QRC will be without their captain, Anfernee Stokes who usual wear the number 4 shirt. Gabriel Nanton, sporting the number 11 shirt is St Mary’s College’s captain, be sure to look out for him. In the midfield, John Paul Rochford wearing 15 for QRC and Michel Poon Angeron wearing 10 for CIC. The attack, you need to look out for Darian Bradshaw number 7 for QRC and Tyrese Spicer number 16 for CIC.


The 2017 edition will take place at the Queen’s Royal College Grounds. This could give the Royalians an advantage as they are usually well supported for a home game of this stature. The officials will have a tough game on their hands.


Currently, Queen’s Royal College are in 15th position with 5 points and are in the relegation zone. A win will take them to 8 points and they may jump to 13th place as they seek to climb the table. Nothing but a win is needed tomorrow. While St Mary’s College are in 9th position with 11 points, a win will see them, climb to possibly 7th position dependent of other score lines.



Photo Courtesy: N Williams

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