It’s not Intercol, it’s Premier League

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Premier League

For as long as I can remember, we have always called school football by one name, Intercol. But I often found myself correcting persons when they ask if I’m attending the Intercol game. No I am not, Intercol starts in early November, it’s now October, I’m attending the Premier League!!

The Secondary School Premier League was introduced three seasons ago, removing the usual zone competition it had. Now, the best 15, well 16 schools this year in Trinidad and Tobago compete to win this distinguished title.

Big 5

Following the Premier League, or let’s take it back, following the zone football, there usually was a Big 5 tournament, where the top teams from each zones played each other in a knock out tournament. Now there’s Big 4, where the top 4 teams in the Premier League play each other.

Zonal Intercol & National Intercol

Big4, Big5 is followed by Intercol, yup, this is actually Intercol. It’s the knockout phase of the football season giving each team registered for championship football a shot at being National Winners. Teams return to their regular zones for this period and the best team via wins by knock out will win the zone competition. From there, they play in the National Intercol, which is the best team from each zone playing a selected team before reaching semi finals then finals.

Digicel Play Cup

Newly, introduced tournament, Digicel Play Cup, consist of the top two teams from the Premier League playing in a knock out against the top two teams in National Intercol, hopefully it’s not the same teams or else they’d have to give their opportunity to the next best team.

There you have it, your personal School Football Guide. Pull this out throughout the season and remember what competition you are watching.

Photos Courtesy: N Williams/ San Juan North Media Club

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