Unveil X – Judah St Louis

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Judah Marcus “Armani” St Louis, 19 years of age and currently lives in the village of La Brea, South Trinidad. He believes with God’s speed that he’d get a scholarship abroad and pursue his footballing career. This talented footballer, once attended St Benedict’s College before transferring to Naparima College where he has played for the past three seasons.

What do you do before a match?

Ahhhh the question the majority of people ask haha… I usually say a short prayer which I’ve been saying at a tender age then listen to calming music like Chronixx, Ras Shiloh, Jah Cure and sometimes Prince Swanny!!

Who/ What is your biggest inspiration?

Definitely my family, they have been pushing me since I was a kid. From the age of 2 years old I was in the Savannah running about with a ball!! My personal coach Kelvin Modeste played an influential role in my younger football years as well. I also dedicate each game to my brother Arosco, who died when I was younger. I know he is looking down on me 🙏

How are you so good at taking free kicks?

Well I can kick the ball very well with both feet so it started with something we called ‘Yuh miss, go in.’ This was a game I played with friends in the Savannah in which you spot your ball and try to score. I didn’t like to go in goal because I was so short so I always tried to score. From there I noticed I was good at it and it became a habit so I always practiced it.

What’s your favorite meal and why?

I have two favourite meals actually, because mummy was always cooking and making sure I had energy to play. My preferred favorites are dumpling and salt fish and the other is coo coo, callaloo and roast fish.

If you got a chance to play for a club, which would you want it be?

Surely it will be Chelsea!! The best team in the world but if I had powers I would have chosen to play alongside the fat Ronaldo from Brazil at Real Madrid.

What do you love about Football?

Hmm. There are many things I love about football. I love scoring goals, winning finals and I love the fact that when I’m on the football pitch all my stress and worries go away but what I also love, is that I learned the feeling of agony of defeat so that’s why I hate to lose because that feeling stays with me for days.


Photo Courtesy: A Balgobin

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